Still Life (Natura Morta)

An evocative oil painting that uses the ironic symbolism of still life to make a provocative statement about the desire to end patriarchal dominance. Set against a backdrop reminiscent of 1500’s art, the composition features a banana flanked by two avocados. The banana, traditionally symbolic of male power, is depicted as inert and powerless, subverting its usual connotations of virility and dominance.

The ironic and satirical nature of the artwork is further emphasized by the choice of medium: oil on canvas, a technique symbolic of an era dominated by male-led traditions. During such times, a still banana would have never been the subject of an oil painting. By using this classical medium to depict a powerless banana, the artist critiques patriarchal structures while highlighting the absurdity of their continued reverence. This deliberate arrangement within a classical setting underscores the timelessness of the struggle against patriarchal power, urging a re-examination of societal norms and advocating for a future where such oppressive structures are rendered obsolete. 2015

Soft Memories (Pene d’Amore)

SOFT MEMORIES, PENE d'AMORE – Amebe, Studio Amebe

A compelling fabric sculpture that transforms everyday elements, such as bath towels, into a striking penis-like shape through intricate folding techniques. This innovative use of soft, domestic materials juxtaposes the hardness typically associated with sculptural forms, infusing the work with layers of meaning and emotion. The sculpture serves as a poignant representation of the memory of a past, painful love, encapsulating the complexities of intimacy and the yearning for a love untainted by suffering.

By recontextualizing common household items into a form laden with emotional and symbolic weight, the result is a powerful statement on the intersection of love and pain. ‘SOFT MEMORIES’  challenges traditional notions of both sculpture and romantic experiences, urging viewers to reflect on their own relationships and the universal desire to find love without the accompanying heartache. This work speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the ongoing quest for a pure, joyful connection amidst the remnants of past wounds. 2015

Dimensions: ø5× h. 24 cm
Medium: Fabric, Rocks

Unique piece