AMeBE’s approach triggers a creative tension between craftsmanship and high technology, with a unique ironic vision. Their satirical and transversal projects range from Collectibles to Product Design, from Site-Specific Installations to the creation of unique Artworks.

Collaborations Il Volto dell’Animale Inquieto Acrylic on paper Il Saggiatore

A tribute to the book “L’animale inquieto. Storia naturale della scontentezza” by Edoardo Boncinelli and Marco Furio Ferrario, published by Il Saggiatore.

A series of 50 unique acrylic-on-paper editions. This work wants to capture the essence of the book’s exploration of the human condition, its complexities, and its insatiable curiosity. Each piece is a testament to the power of art to evoke emotions, spark dialogue, and inspire introspection. 2024


Art EVA and EVA – What If? Art Performance Giardini delle Vergini – Arsenale, Biennale Arte 2024

In the evocative setting of the Biennale Arte 2024Giardino delle Vergini, AMEBE’s independent Art performance unfolds, woven with symbolism and anthropological reflection. Two modern Eves, emancipated and self-assured beneath a majestic tree, disconnecting from Adam’s shadow. Their union, symbolized by the “knotted serpent,” transcends mere defiance, manifesting a profound struggle against entrenched paradigms. As they taste the forbidden fruit, deeper questions arise: what would humanity become in a world untouched by sin’s stain? A powerful exploration of our potential unfolds, questioning the very essence of paradise and the intricate tapestry of human existence, suspended between the allure of Eden and the harsh realities of our world. This manifesto thus becomes a bold assertion of the role of women in the human narrative. 2024


Studio Amebe, Biennale Arte 2024, Giardini delle Vergini, EVA and EVA, art performance, Arsenale, What if?, Independent performance
Art F(ART) The Function of Art Site-specific Installation Monica Cembrola for Art Foundation

A sign that reads ‘FART’. A decadent, broken, shattered inscription. Unstable, promiscuous and dangerous. An experience that engages multiple senses. A sign that draws you in and then repels you, indignant, scandalized, resentful, much like when confronted with the most embarrassing forms of contemporary art. That “shit art” that has no right to be called such because it is an offense to art sublime.

(f)Art, or perhaps ‘FART’, serves as an ironic and profound invitation to engage with pressing critical social-political issues of our time, demanding a level of seriousness that cannot be ignored. For we find ourselves at a juncture where we can no longer contain this question. We can no longer hold it in. 2023

Wood fixture, Neon, Ligt
Dimensions: 350×280 cm
Weight: 30 kg (about)

Unique Piece


Design Extra Vergine Oil-Dispenser Bitossi Home

A tribute to Mediterranean cuisine. In Italy, we can consider the veneration for the culinary art to be intrinsic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is undoubtedly one of the “sacred” ingredients. The functional design of the drip proof crown-cap makes the oil dispenser an excellent example of the relationship between craftsmanship and technology. An essential component of our tables, it replaces holy water in the iconic representation of Design, in a perfect combination of devotion and nourishment. 2023

Dimensions: 64 × 64 x 27 mm
Capacity: 200 ml
Weight: 450gr


Art Seek to Believe Site-specific Installation Namibian Pavilion at Biennale Arte 2022

Conceived for the Namibian Pavilion at the 59th Biennale Arte in Venice.

“Seek to Believe” is a series of binoculars installed on La Certosa island in Venice, at the Pavilion’s location. It’s an invitation to “seek to believe” or “try to believe”, because without research there can’t be discovery of a “belief” and vice versa. Lenses are artifacts that distort vision to bring the image closer, while the imagination can be a lens for the soul that brings concepts and perhaps cultures closer. 2022

Stainless steel binoculars, printed lens on PMMA
Dimensions: ø60 h.160 cm
Weight: about 80kg


Amebe, Biennale Arte 2022, Namibian Pavilion, Seek to believe, art installation, site-specific installation, binoculars
Art Defaced Dominance (Patriarcagato) Photographic Artwork Private Collection

This photographic artwork that vividly critiques patriarchal society by capturing statues of patriarchal figures besmirched with pigeon droppings. The defacement, both natural and irreverent, symbolizes the artist’s disdain for the outdated and oppressive values these figures represent. Through this powerful imagery, the artist challenges the viewer to reconsider the reverence traditionally granted to patriarchal icons, advocating instead for their metaphorical toppling and the end of their influence.

This artwork serves as a potent call to action, urging society to dismantle the entrenched patriarchal systems that continue to shape our world. By presenting these once-venerated statues in a state of decay,  AMEBE  envisions a future where oppressive structures are no longer glorified. ‘Defaced Dominance’ encapsulates the hope for a societal shift towards equality and justice, where the remnants of patriarchal dominance are relegated to history. 2022

Medium: Photographic Artwork


Collaborations AMEBE for TISDC "One World" Design Jury TISDC Taiwan

AMEBE as jurors in Product Design Category for 2022 TISDC “One World” Taiwan International Student Design Competition.

Organized by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan), sponsored by iSee Taiwan Foundation, Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation, and TPCA Environment Foundation. Executed by Asia University, Taiwan International Student Design Competition is now in its fifteen year. The theme of this year’s competition is “One World.” Last year, the competition counted 21,901 entries from 970 schools and departments in 59 countries/regions around the 5 continents, a high record of submissions was also received.


Design I Love Italy Collectible Furniture Limited-Editions

“It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that the parody of a parody of a work of art, is essentially a work of art”.

Limited-edition furniture collection that represents some of the world’s most famous and poetic architectural  artworks in Italy. The collection “designs” a tribute to Cultural Heritage, to the richness of the history of cultures and to the inestimable beauty of Art. 2018


Design Marry me Carpet Limited-Edition

This  silk carpet is  a faithful reproduction of the famous fresco from the “Camera picta” painted by Mantegna and situated inside the Ducal Palace in Mantua. 2018

Materials: Hand knotted on wooden frame
Pile height: 7 mm
Density: 152,000 knots per m²
Material: 100% himalayan wool, 100% natural silk – Vegetables dyes
Dimensions: ø 300 cm 


Amebe, carpet, limited edition, unique piece, silk carpet, Camera Picta, Marry me
Collaborations Essence of the stars Creative Direction InAstra

Creative Direction for the Italian artistic perfumery In Astra. Characterized by a brand philosophy that takes inspiration from Astronomy. The visuals are produced with a blend of 3D and Digital Art to represent the products floating in space, evoking the concept to: “lose yourself in the essence of the stars.” 2021


Amebe, Essence of the Stars, Creative Direction, In Astra, Perfume, Digital art, astronomy
Collaborations Essere o non essere Creative Direction Èliseo Entertainment

TO BE, OR NOT TO BE? Why does ÈLISEO (from Italian – È = to be) base its identity on such an existential question? Because “Being” (Essere) means affirming oneself, seeking and finding one’s identity. A dialogue with one’s soul’s darkness and lightness. Being is daring, fulfilling oneself and knowing how to laugh at oneself. It is culture in movement and thirst for the infinite. Not being, means giving up on yourself, on knowledge and therefore on life. When you “are not” you travel but you don’t see, you read but you don’t learn, you listen but you don’t feel. You live but you don’t know why. Being is always the right answer.

The brand collects all the nuances of the emotions we need. From the blue, which represents the intellect, the truth, constancy. It is the color of great depths, of meditation, the color of peace, of infinity, and of emotional serenity. Green is the color of Nature, of harmony, green are the shoots that open to life. And the Red, like the heat of passion, the ardor of a living  soul. 2021

Creative Direction for Èliseo Entertainment production company and Artist collaboration with Tarin.


Collaborations AMEBE for Gaetano Pesce Design Handcraft Bottega Veneta

Design handcraft of site-specific installation “COME STAI?” by Gaetano Pesce for Bottega Veneta SS ’23 fashion show, with 400 unique chairs now collectible. The expertise of AMEBE in the field of resins is the result of the experience developed creating design pieces during the years of collaboration with Pesce in NYC. 2022


Amebe, art installation, site-specific installation, Gateano Pesce, Bottega Veneta, cast resin floor, design manufacturing, pop art, come stai
Design Cupolone Ø45 Lamp Seletti

Glowing with immensity, a hyper-realistic reproduction of the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. A lamp which blends craftsmanship and technology. Product Design for the design firm Seletti in two color variations (Black and White with Golden interior). 2019

Dimensions: ø 45 h. 45 cm ≈ Cm ø 17” h. 17,7” ≈
Material: Resin
Lighting: EU Version 230 V – 50 Hz, US Version 120V – 60 Hz, cable 4 mt ≈ | 13.1 ft ≈ 2700K – 12 W – 1700 LUMEN


Collaborations AMEBE for Adp Milano Creative Direction Tenzing Asian Art

Creative partnership with ADP Milano. Design of the stand Asian Art Gallery TENZING at TEFAF Art Fair. 2019


Design CUPOLA Chandelier Series David Gill Gallery

A hyper-realistic reproduction of an icon of the eternal city: San Pietro’s dome becomes light, honoring the art and beauty of Italian culture. A unique  blend of craftsmanship and technology. Handpainted, with scenographic dimmer LED lights positioned on the outer architecture and a 2000 lumen central light. Other details are the Brass cross with passing through suspension and electricity cables, the Brass balcony and interior finishes that reproduce Michelangelo’s mosaics.

The result is a hybrid between art and design; between past, present and future; a miraculous dialogue between architecture and avant-garde, history and experimentation, functionality and mystical lighting. 2019

Polyurethane resin, fiberglass, nylon, silver, brass
H113 x Diam. 100 cm / H44.5 x Diam. 39.4 in

David Gill Gallery, limited to 8 + 2P


Design Gold One Chandelier Galleria Casoli de Luca

“Gold One” is the gold variation of AMeBE’s iconic “Cupola”, a Chandelier that hyper-realistically reproduces the dome of St. Peter’s in Rome. This piece was specifically painted gold with acrylics. A stylistic choice to give the œuvre a contemporary feel. “Gold One” was produced for the “Exploring the Allure and Meaning of Gold in Italian Art” exhibition at the Casoli de Luca gallery in Rome. 2019

Polyurethane resin, fiberglass, nylon, silver, brass
Dimensions: ø 100 x h. 115 cm


Design Cupolone ø70 Chandelier Seletti

An icon of the eternal city, St. Peter’s dome becomes light, honoring the art and beauty of Italian culture. A unique  blend of craftsmanship and technology. The chandelier comes from a larger collection of reproductions of iconic architectures and artworks from around the world. The aim of the project was to bring art and design into households and to pay tribute to cultural heritage, history and the beauty of art. Product Design for the design firm Seletti in two color variations (Black and White with Golden interior).  2018

Dimensions: ø 70 h. 72 cm
Material: Resin
Lighting: EU Version 230 V – 50 Hz, US Version 120V – 60 Hz, cable 4 mt ≈ | 13.1 ft ≈ 2700K – 12 W – 1700 LUMEN


Design Marilyn Carpet Sitap

The carpet plays with the everlasting theme of “points of view”. The iconic Marilyn skirt viewed upside down gives it a new perspective that goes beyond the well-known scene. A hymn to freedom of vision and expression. An incentive to change one’s view to discover new things, grow and evolve. 2019

Dimensions: ø 100 cm
Color: Red
Material: wool 80% – viscose 20%
Weight: gr 4500/sq. mt


Amebe, Marilyn, Collectible carpet, Sitap, Furniture, rug, product design
Design Extra Vergine Oil-Dispenser Limited Edition

Collectible “EXTRA VERGINE” Pop oil-dispenser, hand painted with gold finishes, is a tribute to Mediterranean culture. Food is sacred in Italy and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a special place in our culinary altar. Cornerstone ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, it takes the place of holy water in this Virgin Mary iconic container, stating one more time its status. DNA Paris Award Winner 2021.

Dimensions: 64×64 x h. 260.5 mm
Capacity: 20cl
Weight: 450gr
Finishes: glass colors, gold finishes 

Limited-Edition to 100 + 2P


Art Superufficio Sculpture Chair Martina Simeti Gallery

Ironic yet functional and obviously super-light interpretation of the classic office chair Superleggera by Gio’ Ponti for Cassina (superlight chair). Work often keeps us enthralled, or as in the Italian saying “incollati alla sedia” – glued to the chair – but this tribute to Gio’ Ponti is a hymn to light-heartedness instead. Commissioned for the Supercolla Project, curated by Guido Musante and Maria Chiara Valacchi presented at Martina Simeti Art Gallery in Milan. 2018

Dimensions: 83 x 41 x 45cm
Material: Ash wood
Weight: 4,5 kg

Unique Piece


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