Altare in Festa

Blending the concepts of modernity and diversity “Altare in Festa” portraits the joyfulness of faith while focusing on shape and ergonomics, representing the most human side of Christ. 1st Prize Award Winner of DeiSign, the international contest of liturgical objects for Torino World Design Capital. 2008

Unique Product


Selected for Extraordinary, Every Day Travel Contest 2008 run by Alcantara®. “Bradipo” is the response to modern frenzy in animal world’s terms. Inspired by the sloth, slow moving but highly reactive, it is a foldable hammock-seat that eases the commute making it fun and sensory-rich. A fun tool for modern nomadism: urban or travel related. 2008

Product Prototype

Appese a un filo

The spider web has been carefully and meticulously assembled using a specific handcrafted tool in order to capture three different cobwebs chosen in closed, time-neglected spaces, where nature (dust, life and death represented as for example trapped insects) and time, run their course in a spontaneous and natural way. 2009

Dimensions: ø 15×21 cm

Materials: Cardboard, Spiderweb

Unique piece


Sphoon, the new stirring accessory” was shortlisted in 2010 by Designboom amongst the best 80 of the 3k+ international participants of “The Intelligent Hand” the 2010 edition of MACEF Design Award Massimo Martini. More than a functional act, stirring is part of the drinking ritual. Being it coffee, tea or a drink, stirring marks an exchange of energy: a movement that defines the break itself. A contemporary reinterpretation of a classic. 2010

Dimensions: ø 7cm

Materials: stainless steel, mirror steel

Finger Dip

Natural latex finger-caps, designed to eat with your hands. Concept, design, brand identity and industrial production. The product was featured in several international magazines and publications. In July 2010 “Finger-Dip” won the International Red Dot Product Design Award and was also exhibited at the “Red Dot Design Museum” in Essen (Germany), throughout the year. 2009

Dimensions: 48mm

Weight: 0,98/cm3

Amebe for Scuola Politecnica di Design

Product proposal and package design. Introducing cans in the milk industry is a disrupting concept, as it usually comes in Tetrapak or plastic containers. The can packaging transforms milk from a breakfast classic into an on-the-go drink. The naming was developed as a wordplay: lattino means small milk but it’s also the masculine of lattina (tin can). 2010

Dimensions: ø5.72 x  15.56 cm

Materials: color print on aluminum tin


A zoom on a twisted scenario, full of important relationships and intersections on which it is good to reason critically in order to build a strong, healthy and long-lasting future. 2010

Dimensions: 20x20x20 cm

Materials: wool wire, felt, nails

Unique Piece


Single rope coat-hanger anchored to the ceiling and equipped with steel hooks. When naked, “Eliana” is a design piece, when in use it disappears, leaving the observer puzzled as the coats float freely in the room. 2011

Dimensions: 60×110 mm

Material: Steel and nylon cord


A zoom on a twisted scenario, full of relationships and important intersections on which it is good to think critically to build a strong, healthy and durable future. As we look through the images, we will realize how the powerful tangle so laid can be harmful for ourselves and for our future.

A stratification of memories and memory that takes us further and further from the starting point, our origin. Contortions: a thought, an invitation to melt to be lighter and “less twisted”.  2012 

Material: industrial Nylon waste
Dimensions: from 20/30 x to 40/50 cm

Unique pieces