Appese a un filo

The spider web has been carefully and meticulously assembled using a specific handcrafted tool in order to capture three different cobwebs chosen in closed, time-neglected spaces, where nature (dust, life and death represented as for example trapped insects) and time, run their course in a spontaneous and natural way. 2009

Dimensions: ø 15×21 cm

Materials: Cardboard, Spiderweb

Unique piece


A zoom on a twisted scenario, full of important relationships and intersections on which it is good to reason critically in order to build a strong, healthy and long-lasting future. 2010

Dimensions: 20x20x20 cm

Materials: wool wire, felt, nails

Unique Piece


A zoom on a twisted scenario, full of relationships and important intersections on which it is good to think critically to build a strong, healthy and durable future. As we look through the images, we will realize how the powerful tangle so laid can be harmful for ourselves and for our future.

A stratification of memories and memory that takes us further and further from the starting point, our origin. Contortions: a thought, an invitation to melt to be lighter and “less twisted”.  2012 

Material: industrial Nylon waste
Dimensions: from 20/30 x to 40/50 cm

Unique pieces


The Italian word for clog (zoccoli) is very similar to the one for hookers (zoccole). The art piece is based on this wordplay, assembling Barbie dolls in wild poses (zoccole) on clogs (zoccoli). 2013

Dimensions: 22x17x12 cm 

Materials: wooden clogs, barbies

Unique piece


The solid cedar wood spoon is an homage to the Universal Exhibition – Expo 2015 – held in Milan, entitled “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

Dimensions: 1×3 m 

Material: Solid cedar wood 

Site specific installation

Con Tatto

Light sculpture-installation made with electric wiring and batteries. A social critique on the invasive role of technology and its illusion of instant availability. 2014

Dimensions: 20x20x20 cm
Materials: Electric cables, batteries, red led, black mdf base

Unique Piece

La Cupola

A chandelier that hyper-realistically reproduces the dome of St. Peter’s in Rome.The piece combines technological production techniques with Italian craftsmanship and know-how. The result is a hybrid between art and design; between past, present and future; a miraculous dialogue between architecture and avant-garde, history and experimentation, functionality and mystical lighting. 2016

Dimensions: diameter 100 cm – height 110 cm

Weight: 18kg

Materials: polyurethane resin, fiberglass, nylon

Light: made in Italy LED components + remote&iPad control- 

N.1 Central 2000 lumen LED + dimmer- 

N.2 Outer red and yellow LEDs + dimmer

Color: hand painted water shellac colors + water primer

Finishes: Verger PVA varnish

Details: Silver cross, painted Brass balcony + light plate

Unique Piece


Artwork on the concept of “Bilico” – precarious balance. Bilico is the condition of the eggshell of this art piece, balancing on a nylon thread, but also the intrinsic condition of the egg itself. The egg is the ultimate symbol of life: birth, fertility, growth, potential, transformation, delicate perfection and yet strong fullness. 2018

Dimensions: 20x20x20 cm

Unique Piece

Wind Force 12

Twelve sculptures, one for each class of the Beaufort wind force scale. From Calm to Hurricane, they portray every wind nuance in this site-specific art installation hosted on board of Silver Muse, one of the luxury Silversea vessels. 2017

Material: Polycarbonate, Gold and Bronze Paint
Dimensions: WIND FORCE 1 – 37×52.5h, WIND FORCE 2 – 45×45, WIND FORCE 3 – 37×34.6 h, WIND FORCE 4 – 34x57h+90,
WIND FORCE 5 – 30x89h+90, WIND FORCE 6 – 45×44 h, WIND FORCE 7 – 30×53.5 h, WIND FORCE 8 – 39x83h,
WIND FORCE 9 – 50x65h, WIND FORCE 10 – 46×58, WIND FORCE 11 – 53x73h, WIND FORCE 12 – 45x54h

12 Unique Pieces

Mao Mao

Caricature of the 100 Yuan Chinese banknote featuring the Italian master of communications and events organizer Paride Vitale. A contemporary personality who has revolutionized modern PR and parties. 2017


Height: 60cm

Length: 120cm

Unique Piece