The solid cedar wood spoon is an homage to the Universal Exhibition – Expo 2015 – held in Milan, entitled “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

Dimensions: 1×3 m 

Material: Solid cedar wood 

Site specific installation


Nube” is a photovoltaic landmark. A site-specific design for Sharing Cities, a project of district re-qualification for Milan. With a surface of nearly 300 sqm, the cloud (nube) is a symbol of the transformation of natural elements and energy. Its light and iconic shape captures, transforms and redistributes energy throughout the city network. 2015


Cloud surface (actual contour area):Mq 290

Number of panels arranged on the surface:14

Total power in WATT: 40WATT

Wind Force 12

Twelve sculptures, one for each class of the Beaufort wind force scale. From Calm to Hurricane, they portray every wind nuance in this site-specific art installation commissioned by Monica Cembrola for Art Foundation and hosted on board of Silver Muse, one of the luxury Silversea vessels. 2017 

Material: Polycarbonate, Gold and Bronze Paint
Dimensions: WIND FORCE 1 – 37×52.5h, WIND FORCE 2 – 45×45, WIND FORCE 3 – 37×34.6 h, WIND FORCE 4 – 34x57h+90,
WIND FORCE 5 – 30x89h+90, WIND FORCE 6 – 45×44 h, WIND FORCE 7 – 30×53.5 h, WIND FORCE 8 – 39x83h,
WIND FORCE 9 – 50x65h, WIND FORCE 10 – 46×58, WIND FORCE 11 – 53x73h, WIND FORCE 12 – 45x54h

12 Unique Pieces

Fish out of water I & II

Site-Specific installation commissioned by Monica Cembrola for Art Foundation for Silver Muse Luxury Cruise Ships

A school of fish composed of ten ethereal and poetic pieces. The brass, copper and bronze wired shapes portray the weightless underwater movement of fish and the golden reflection of light on their scales. The pieces were installed on the ceramic-coated wall of the Asian fine-dining restaurant. 2017

Material: brass, copper and bronze

Dimension: 4 x 3 m wall installation

Unique Piece

Seek to Believe

Amebe, Biennale Arte 2022, Namibian Pavilion, Seek to believe, art installation, site-specific installation, binoculars

First Prize winner of  DeiSign, the international contest of liturgical vessels for Torino World Design Capital 2008. Blending the concepts of modernity and diversity “Altare in Festa”  portrays the joyfulness of faith and focuses on shape rather than decorativism, on colors and ergonomy, portraying the most human side of Christ.

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