This photographic artwork that vividly critiques patriarchal society by capturing statues of patriarchal figures besmirched with pigeon droppings. The defacement, both natural and irreverent, symbolizes the artist’s disdain for the outdated and oppressive values these figures represent. Through this powerful imagery, the artist challenges the viewer to reconsider the reverence traditionally granted to patriarchal icons, advocating instead for their metaphorical toppling and the end of their influence.

This artwork serves as a potent call to action, urging society to dismantle the entrenched patriarchal systems that continue to shape our world. By presenting these once-venerated statues in a state of decay,  AMEBE  envisions a future where oppressive structures are no longer glorified. ‘Defaced Dominance’ encapsulates the hope for a societal shift towards equality and justice, where the remnants of patriarchal dominance are relegated to history. 2022

Medium: Photographic Artwork


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