TO BE, OR NOT TO BE? Why does ÈLISEO (from Italian – È = to be) base its identity on such an existential question? Because “Being” (Essere) means affirming oneself, seeking and finding one’s identity. A dialogue with one’s soul’s darkness and lightness. Being is daring, fulfilling oneself and knowing how to laugh at oneself. It is culture in movement and thirst for the infinite. Not being, means giving up on yourself, on knowledge and therefore on life. When you “are not” you travel but you don’t see, you read but you don’t learn, you listen but you don’t feel. You live but you don’t know why. Being is always the right answer.

The brand collects all the nuances of the emotions we need. From the blue, which represents the intellect, the truth, constancy. It is the color of great depths, of meditation, the color of peace, of infinity, and of emotional serenity. Green is the color of Nature, of harmony, green are the shoots that open to life. And the Red, like the heat of passion, the ardor of a living  soul. 2021

Creative Direction for Èliseo Entertainment production company and Artist collaboration with Tarin.


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