La Cupola

A chandelier that hyper-realistically reproduces the dome of St. Peter’s in Rome.The piece combines technological production techniques with Italian craftsmanship and know-how. The result is a hybrid between art and design; between past, present and future; a miraculous dialogue between architecture and avant-garde, history and experimentation, functionality and mystical lighting. 2016

Dimensions: diameter 100 cm – height 110 cm

Weight: 18kg

Materials: polyurethane resin, fiberglass, nylon

Light: made in Italy LED components + remote&iPad control- 

N.1 Central 2000 lumen LED + dimmer- 

N.2 Outer red and yellow LEDs + dimmer

Color: hand painted water shellac colors + water primer

Finishes: Verger PVA varnish

Details: Silver cross, painted Brass balcony + light plate

Unique Piece

Cupolone ø70

An icon of the eternal city, St. Peter’s dome becomes light, honoring the art and beauty of Italian culture. A unique  blend of craftsmanship and technology. The chandelier comes from a larger collection of reproductions of iconic architectures and artworks from around the world. The aim of the project was to bring art and design into households and to pay tribute to cultural heritage, history and the beauty of art. Product Design for the design firm Seletti in two color variations (Black and White with Golden interior).  2018

Dimensions: ø 70 h. 72 cm
Material: Resin
Lighting: EU Version 230 V – 50 Hz, US Version 120V – 60 Hz, cable 4 mt ≈ | 13.1 ft ≈ 2700K – 12 W – 1700 LUMEN


Gold One

“Gold One” is the gold variation of AMeBE’s iconic “Cupola”, a Chandelier that hyper-realistically reproduces the dome of St. Peter’s in Rome. This piece was specifically painted gold with acrylics. A stylistic choice to give the œuvre a contemporary feel. “Gold One” was produced for the “Exploring the Allure and Meaning of Gold in Italian Art” exhibition at the Casoli de Luca gallery in Rome. 2019

Polyurethane resin, fiberglass, nylon, silver, brass
Dimensions: ø 100 x h. 115 cm