A sign that reads ‘FART’. A decadent, broken, shattered inscription. Unstable, promiscuous and dangerous. An experience that engages multiple senses. A sign that draws you in and then repels you, indignant, scandalized, resentful, much like when confronted with the most embarrassing forms of contemporary art. That “shit art” that has no right to be called such because it is an offense to art sublime.

(f)Art, or perhaps ‘FART’, serves as an ironic and profound invitation to engage with pressing critical social-political issues of our time, demanding a level of seriousness that cannot be ignored. For we find ourselves at a juncture where we can no longer contain this question. We can no longer hold it in. 2023

Wood fixture, Neon, Ligt
Dimensions: 350×280 cm
Weight: 30 kg (about)

Unique Piece


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